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How to use Hot Cues.

Updated: Jun 9

The art of using hot cues as a DJ! Here are some best practices to get the most out of this feature:

**What are hot cues?**

Hot cues are a feature on many DJ software and controllers that allow you to mark specific points in a track and instantly jump to those points during playback. This is super useful for quick transitions, beatmatching, and adding creative flair to your mixes.

**Best methods for using hot cues:**

1. **Plan ahead**: Before you start mixing, take a moment to identify key points in your tracks where you'd like to use hot cues. This could be the drop, the buildup, or a specific drum pattern.

2. **Use visual cues**: Look for visual cues like waveform patterns or phase alignment to help you identify the perfect spot to set a hot cue.

3. **Use your ears**: Trust your ears! If you're not sure where to set a hot cue, listen to the track and find the spot where the energy changes or the rhythm shifts.

4. **Set multiple hot cues**: Don't limit yourself to just one hot cue per track. Set multiple cues throughout the track to create more complex transitions and patterns.

5. **Use hot cues in combination with other features**: Combine hot cues with other features like loop modes, sampler effects, and effects triggers to create even more creative possibilities.

6. **Practice makes perfect**: Like any skill, using hot cues effectively takes practice. Experiment with different techniques and get comfortable with setting and triggering hot cues.

7. **Label your tracks**: Use labels or markers in your DJ software to keep track of where you've set hot cues. This will save you time and reduce confusion when navigating your tracks.

8. **Use hot cues for seamless transitions**: Use hot cues to quickly transition between tracks by jumping to specific points in each track. This will help you maintain the energy and momentum of your set.

9. **Experiment with creative triggers**: Use hot cues in combination with creative triggers like drum rolls, cymbal crashes, or vocal chops to add excitement and surprise to your mixes.

10. **Stay organized**: Keep your tracks organized by creating folders or playlists for specific genres, moods, or themes. This will help you quickly find the tracks you need and make the most of your hot cues.

By following these best practices, you'll be able to unlock the full potential of hot cues as a DJ and take your performances to the next level!

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